Monday, August 27, 2012

TOP SECRET! Mission Possible for Students!

3rd grade teachers at my school teamed up to create a video to introduce a top secret mission for students.  Warning: the video is super corny, but the kiddos LOVED it, which is what matters most anyway! We may never be internet sensations, but we may end up on Tosh.0's web redemption feature:) Who knows?! Check out our video HERE!

Each student received a manilla envelope with his/her name on it and two documents to review. We are doing an operation "Dare to Care" in 3rd grade, and this went right along with it. Students were to be undercover agents and do at least one nice thing for someone else without blowing their cover. Many of my students cleaned their rooms without being asked or smiled at random people on the street (we talked about how much more friendly we look when we smile!).