Monday, October 15, 2012

Monster Mania!

My students loved the mini-monster unit we did last week. We read monster poems in spooky voices, read a humorous story about a nasty little monster, and created some pretty awesome monsters for art projects. One of my kiddos' favorites for the week was Multiplication Monster! Students rolled a die to determine which numbers would be used for the monsters eyes, horns, arms, legs, etc... For example a student rolled a 3 (wrote it on the line) and then rolled a 5 (wrote that on the next line). Then he had to multiply 3 times 5 (or 3 groups of 5) by drawing an array. This is one of the first practices we have done with multiplication, and it was definitely a hit! Students of all levels were able to complete this activity and then once it was checked by me, students could draw a picture of their interesting-looking monster on the back!

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  1. Your monster unit sounds so fun! I'm always so excited to find another 3rd grade teacher!


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