Monday, August 27, 2012

TOP SECRET! Mission Possible for Students!

3rd grade teachers at my school teamed up to create a video to introduce a top secret mission for students.  Warning: the video is super corny, but the kiddos LOVED it, which is what matters most anyway! We may never be internet sensations, but we may end up on Tosh.0's web redemption feature:) Who knows?! Check out our video HERE!

Each student received a manilla envelope with his/her name on it and two documents to review. We are doing an operation "Dare to Care" in 3rd grade, and this went right along with it. Students were to be undercover agents and do at least one nice thing for someone else without blowing their cover. Many of my students cleaned their rooms without being asked or smiled at random people on the street (we talked about how much more friendly we look when we smile!).

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Phew! Welcome Back to School!

I have officially been back to school for 2 whole weeks (that's right- 10 days....we started on a MONDAY!). Much like many of you, I feel like I have been running some imaginary race, where I never reach the finish line! Even though there is a ton going on, I am happy to be back to school:) My new class is very sweet, and we're getting a lot done! One of the projects that we completed was "Just the Facts about..." Each student had his/her picture taken with a maginifying glass held near his/her eye. The pictures were so cute! I loved seeing how they turned out! Then students wrote facts about him/herself scattered around the picture. To complete this project, students mounted their paper/pictures on brown construction paper and traced/cut aluminum foil to make it look like a clipboard. This didn't take very long, and all of the students will love seeing their pictures in the hallway when they get to school tomorrow!  Here's a close-up of two kiddos' work:

We have done so much these past two weeks, but I wanted to show you this project. We read the story Miss Rumphius, about a woman whose dream it was to make the world a better place. She did so by planting lupine flowers that people in her community could enjoy. My students and I discussed how we could make our school a better place, and then they made bookmarks to connect to the story. Students created the background how they wanted using colored chalk. Then they were able to use paint to create the stem of the flower. Finally, students used their thumbs to make the pink/purple lupine flowers. I had the bookmarks laminated, and now students can enjoy their very own bookmark every single day!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Whole-Class Journals...Yes, Please!

Yesterday, I created whole-class journals with a writing prompt. I love this idea because students can add to it on their own time and write with a purpose! Instead of just writing different responses in journals, which-don't get me wrong, I have my students do as well...these journals are left out for classmates to read through and add to. Here are the topics that I created:
-Your Future Job
- A Dream You Had
-Family Vacation
-Your Weekend

3rd graders at my school will also be focusing on random acts of kindess and having an overall caring attitude toward others. Another journal will be made for students to write about kind things that others have done for them. I just picked up that spiral today. I don't know about you, but it seems like I can't steer myself away from the school supply sections in ANY store! Then, of course, I feel like I HAVE to buy something...hence these 17 cent spiral notebooks from Wal-Mart :) ....and the big erasers, pencils, magnets, etc...There's just something about the new, isn't there?!

I would like to thank Stephanie over at Back in Fourth for giving me the Versative Blogger Award! Thank you so much!
Here are seven random facts about me:
1. I am going into my second year of teaching!
2. I got married when I was 21 years old (a young 21 at that!).
3. I visited New York City for the first time this summer (btw: loved it!)
4. I actually enjoy working outside, even in this Kansas heat!
5. While growing up I was the biggest K-State fan, all because of my dad! He took me to all kinds of events without my siblings because they claimed  KU as their team :) Looking back, I think I really just liked the one-on-one time with my dad!
6. My mom taught me how to make fused glass/dichroic glass pendants and necklaces.
7. I love the Olympics-summer, winter, doesn't matter! I am amazed at all of the talented athletes we have and enjoy watching them perform in events I wouldn't normally pay attention to! Watching the Olympics ALWAYS inspires me to start working out a little harder, you know, because I dream of being out there too ;) Not that that's ever going to happen, but hey, I always say to Dream Big...otherwise, what's the point of having dreams?!
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