Friday, March 8, 2013

Help Wanted Area in the Classroom!

 I have created a "Help Wanted" area in my classroom:) The idea came to me after going through a few of my books, and noticing a few that were damaged or in the place. I have seen the idea to use a "Book Hospital" on Pinterest (where else?!) and decided to incorporate that into a job for a class librarian. The jobs I chose to post are shown below. I also decided to make this kind of like a real application process, where applicants have to fill out a form to be considered for the job. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of responses I get. :)
This job posting (for a student editor) says:
If you are a person who likes writing and helping others, then this job is for you! I am looking for people who can help revise other students’ papers.  To apply for this job you must have your rough draft and final copy completed. Please complete the following questionnaire and return it to Mrs. Watkins.
Name _______________________________ Date _______________
You may answer with a yes or no.
Does your paper have 5 separate paragraphs? ________    
Does every sentence have a capital letter to begin the first word? ______
Does every sentence have a period at the end of it? ________
Did you expand your facts from your organizer to make a longer sentence? _______
Can you help someone without distracting others? _______

This ad is for class librarians. It says: Our class is in need of 2 librarians this week. There are books that need sorted and neatly put away. Some books might even need to visit the book hospital. If this is a job that you would like to apply for, please fill out the form below. The deadline to return applications is at 12:00 p.m. today.

Name:________________________       Date_______________
Are you responsible? ____________     Can you keep the library neat and organized?_____
If there are books that need repaired, will you take them to the Book Hospital? ______
Why would you be a good candidate for this position? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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