Friday, July 27, 2012

Tissue- Paper Flowers!

I have always loved the way that Japanese Lanterns look. I've contemplated the choice to buy them in various stores but could never really bring myself to justify spending the money on them. Then one of my good friends learned how to create these flowers made out of tissue paper that are the size of a Japanese Lantern! After having a QUICK lesson from her, I set out to create my own (seen here!). Want to know how to make your own? It's so easy, and I really mean that!

1. Decide what colors you would like to make your flowers. Note: You can do multi-colored! Polka-dots or patterns typically do not look as nice because it only has print on one side, thus affecting the overall appearance of the flower.

2. Buy some tissue paper (I got mine from Dollar General). You will need AT LEAST 10 sheets of tissue paper and AT MOST 12 sheets (makes it look more full).

3. Lay tissue paper one on top of the other.

4. Starting with one end, take all sheets (whatever number you used) and gently fold it over about an inch.

5. Fold again but this time go the other way. Continue until entire lenth of tissue paper is folded (should look like a closed up accordian).

6. Place a large paper clip in the middle of the closed up accordian-folded style tissue paper.

7. Tie fishing line to end of paper clip (to hang up later)

8. Take a pair of scissors and cut a round edge on each side of your tissue paper stack.

9. Holding tissue paper near the paperclip, gently start pulling each layer upward so that they seperate from one another. About mid-way through, start pulling the bottom side downward.

10. There you have it! Tissue paper flowers!

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