Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bike Rodeo!!

Today all third graders in our district (six schools worth of 3rd graders!) were given these stylish helmets as a part of our bike safety program. We hopped on the bus with our helmets on and headed over to the school that was hosting this fun-filled event! When we arrived, students had their helmets checked by a team of trained professionals. Soon after that, we retrieved their bikes or scooters. These had been transported over on a school trailer beforehand. Then we had the chance to visit each of the seven stations. Pictured below is the introduction to one of the stations, where students learned the proper signals for stopping, turning left, and turning right. 3rd graders weaved in between cones, completed obstacle courses, met real police officers and firefighters from the area, as well as visiting various other bike safety stations.
We were all pretty worn out after this half-day event, but we had so much fun that students asked when we would be doing this again! (Sorry- this was a once-a-year event for third graders!)

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