Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We've Gone Buggy!

We just wrapped our first science unit up with an insect project. Students were given the task of catching 7-10 insects, placing a label near each insect, and making it look neat/organized. There were TONS of creative projects brought in, but I just wanted to share a couple here! I was amazed at some of the sizes of these insects and that students actually caught them! We had talked about how we have to label cicadas as cicadas (not locusts) because locusts do not reside in the United States. One of my students, however, came from a different country and was actually able to add a locust to his display since his family had actually caught one from the previous country they lived in. Pretty cool, eh?! I do realize that some students/families were not comfortable with the idea of catching insects, so there were alternate project ideas provided. Here are a few things that my students chose to do instead of catching bugs: a photo album filled with detailed drawings of many insects; an insect made out of candies (along with his own word search about insects); and a gameboard featuring insect facts/gamepieces.

3rd graders went on an "Insect Gallery Walk/Parade" by visiting each 3rd grade classroom and viewing their displays of insect projects/research papers/drawings. They loved getting to see all of the different ideas that other students had when it came to displaying their work.

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