Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Check Out My Peeps!

 I told my class that "I brought my peeps with me to school today," although that one went over their heads:) Their interest was peeked when I pulled them out of the package and discussed our new science experiment that will take place for the rest of the week. My students were given a spreadsheet with Day 1- Day 5 across the top and a box for each ingredient going down the left-hand side. Their job was to observe any changes that occurred within our peeps. Each day, students are to complete their observations. We then discuss our findings with the rest of the class.

Day 1: We set a peep in the following liquids: water, apple juice, vinegar, soda (we did Pepsi Max), and laundry detergent.

Day 2: Here are some pictures from what we've discovered so far:
Almost no change with the water, except giving the water a little pink tint.

The eyes are starting to"melt" or slide down the peep's face.

Lots of changes! Our peep has actually lost part of his body in the vinegar-yikes!

Very stained and pretty spongy.

We have all been surprised with the detergent so far. The pink has been magically wiped away, and it is is really soft to the touch.

Keep an eye out for Days 3-5 to come soon!

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