Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We're Magicians: First You See an Eggshell...Now You Don't!

You heard right! My class can now successfully complete (drum roll please)....THE DISAPPEARING ACT! (With an egg that is!) We are trying out some new science experiments, and this one is proving to be a hit! We put a raw egg in a glass bowl and poured vinegar over the top. I placed this under my data projector while we were working on an activity so my students could look up and observe what was happening every once in a while. They were excited with all of the bubbles that were forming around the egg, but they were in for a huge surprise (and so was I, this being my first time doing this and all!).

After sitting for the rest of the day and all night, my students were anxious to see what changes had taken place. They put their Scientist's Goggles on (so to speak) and observed the egg. We noticed that there was a lot of things floating towards the top of the bowl of vinegar. We decided to explore further and touch it. When I rubbed it with my thumb, the shell (or what used to be the shell) came right off! The kids oohhhed and awwweed; they were pretty impressed. After the entire white shell was off, we were left with an egg whose yolk you could actually see. I had my students come up and hold it in their hands to feel our egg's newfound texture: we decided the best way to describe it was "water balloon." 

We are now exploring another experiment with this egg. We poured Karo Syrup over the top of the egg and are interested to see what results we get with this one! Stay tuned!

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