Monday, February 20, 2012

February Memories

Welcome to my third grade classroom! We have had a very busy year thus far. I was inspired by my good friends, Erin and Danielle, to start this blog. I usually write in a journal about things that happen each week in third grade, but I have decided to start posting them online.

We are celebrating President's Day at school, so to get my kiddos thinking about presidents, my husband and I created the bulletin board you see here. It took us an entire Sunday afternoon to put it together (all laid out on our living room floor), but it was a fun project. I purposely printed off pictures in black/white and color to make the match-ups more challenging.  It has been fun to hear which President and First Lady they think are a match. For example, one student recently whispered into my ear, "Are Abraham Lincoln and Hillary a match?"  I also posted a fun fact about a president each day, such as "One of George Washington's favorite treats was ice cream!"

Last week, my class celebrated Valentine's Day, complete with a pancake breakfast. My students' families amazed me yet again as they donated pancake mix, syrup, butter, bacon, muffins, griddles, juice, and milk! It was a family event. Some parents were even able to come in and make the pancakes and bacon. We sure needed the help because as I am learning, there is never a dull moment in third grade!

As the griddles were heating up, we suddenly experienced a power outage! Since the other third grade classrooms were enjoying a pancake feast in their rooms as well, we managed to flip a breaker. There wasn't a Plan B for our pancake breakfast, but thanks to our wonderful custodian, the crisis was soon averted. The parents in my room had to move some griddles to different locations around the room and unplug several computers, but eventually all was well! Thankfully, my third graders were so excited about passing out Valentines and drinking juice or milk that they were unaware of the  Near-Pancake-Catastrophe!

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