Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Names for the Day!

Today was very special because each of my students received a new name for the entire day! Waiting on every third grader's desk this morning was a name tag, but instead of their name written on it, my students found a multiplication fact. To encourage everyone to keep practicing their multiplication facts, the class placed their "new name" on their shirts. If a student wanted to ask or tell another student something then he or she had to call him/her by their multiplication product. For example, if my name tag said 7 x 3, then my students would say "Mrs. 7 x 3 = 21 or Mrs. 21, I have a question..." Obviously I had to follow the rules as well, and it was definitely tricky to not blurt out a student's name! If anyone accidentally did slip up and say a real name, then he or she would have to say the multiplication fact 3 times out loud. It was fun, and several of my students have already asked when we are going to do this again!

These are plain white sticky name tags. Next time, I think I will put them in plastic holders that the students can pin on their shirts. That way, I can reuse them  over and over!

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