Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Incorporating Owls into the Daily 5!

We are officially half way through with summer, which means my thoughts are turning more and more back towards school. With that being the case, I usually spend one day a week up at school decorating and working on things in my room. I know once school begins there won't be much time to try some of the cute things all over Pinterest. I'm trying to get things nice and organized before the craziness starts back up!

The picture shown above is the newest picture of my classroom (from my door, showing the back of the room). My sister and niece bought me the owl decorations hanging above each group. They are actually wind spinners, but they were the perfect find for my room! I love them!

This is a picture of what will be my guided reading and Daily 5 system. My school started the Daily 5 (more like Daily 3 because we only incorporated Work on Writing, Read to Self, and Read to Someone). This year we are going to focus on using the Daily 5 within our guided reading program. I will have four groups (OWLS), and the chart helps to show what time and which activity my little owls are to be participating in. I used my Cricut to help make the letters, and in order to fit them onto my small owls, I had to shorten some of the titles. Here is what I made:
-Mrs. W (guided reading groups to meet with me)
- Wow (Work on Writing)
-Self (Read to Self)
-Someone (Read to Someone)
-abc (Word Work)
I am not planning on utilzing the Listen to Reading because I don't have the tools necessary to do so at this time. Maybe that's something I can add in the future. For now, I will proceed with the Daily 4 + guided reading. :)

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