Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We're OWL Excited for 3rd Grade!

Here is the bulletin board featured in the hallway outside my classroom. The letters show up better when you're actually in person, but after looking at it here, I might trace it with a black marker to help them stand out better. For now, this is what it is:) I made a "moon" (hopefully you can tell it's a moon?). When I first put it up and stepped back to take a look, I noticed that my "craters" looked a little like a pizza topping. Maybe I was just getting hungry... oh well! It is what it is!

I originally thought that I could/should make a tree here in the middle, but then I figured that I probably do not have the artistic talent to do that, so I scrapped that idea. It probably would have looked funky anyway with trying to put long tree branches across the sides. That's when I decided on the moon. Owls and moons just seemed to go together. :) Maybe, maybe not, but I went with it.

Note: While trying to staple the ends around this circular beast of a bulletin board, I accidentally put a staple in my thumb. Yes. You read that right... Yowzas! I'm still not really sure how this happened, but one moment I was stapling away and the next I was staring down at this staple stuck right in my thumb. I calmly removed said staple and decided to be a bit more careful as I completed this project. Do be careful out there, fellow staple-happy friends! It's a dangerous job...but somebody's gotta do it!
 I took a chunk of brown paper and cut it into four pieces. Then, with each piece, I lightly crumpled it and stapled it up. I like that it sticks out a little bit, but I have to admit: I've never done tree branches before, but I think they turned out okay. It only took a couple of minutes, so I was a big fan of that!

Finally I added the cute owls to perch on the branches. I am waiting to put my students' names on the owls until my final FINAL class list comes out, but I can easily write them on.

I only put borders on the tops and bottoms because I liked the more "open" feel. I think it would have looked funky for this particular bulletin board to be closed up on the sides.

That's one more thing checked off the list!

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