Tuesday, May 1, 2012

15 Days to Summer!

The countdown is ON! Today marks 15 School Days until our summer vacation arrives. In honor of this, 15 balloons are now hanging from the ceiling of my classroom. Each ballon has a paper inside it stating something fun that we will be doing that day. My students were so excited when they walked into the room even though they weren't sure what the ballons were for yet. I have one student pop the balloon with a paperclip while another student gets to read the note to the class. That way every student will get a chance to participate.
Here is our balloon for today! The note said: Vote on an activity to do as a class. We made a list on the board, with ideas ranging from extra free-writing time to making cards for soldiers in Afghanistan to extra recess. Surprisingly, my kiddos voted to enjoy lunch together outside! We had a great time, and I even gave them a 2-minute jumpstart to recess before the rest of the 3rd graders arrived:)

All balloons are numbered so we can easily find the balloon for each day!
Note: Be sure to check the calendar to see what is going on for your school so that one of your activities doesn't interfere!

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