Monday, May 7, 2012

Catching up with our Countdown and MORE!!

It's time to catch up a bit with our countdown to summer! To celebrate 12 days away from summer, we took out a marker and signed a page of eachother's memory books. It had a picture of our entire class, so this was something that the students really enjoyed doing! Today marked 11 days on our countdown, and we busted out our dry-erase markers for a good reason:) To begin this activity, each student had to write one thing that they like about themselves. Then students visited eachother's desks and wrote down one nice thing that they like about that particular student. After we were done, students returned to their own desks and read what had been written about them. Finally, each student got a chance to share one thing and guess who had written it. This was a nice activity that made the class feel good and spread even more smiles around:)

Last week our class learned about how to find the perimeter of an object. This week we are focusing on finding the area of a given object. After defining "area" in our own words, I directed students to draw an object first  with an area of 10 squares, then 12 squares, and finally 17 squares. It was interesting to see the different shapes that they came up with. As a challenge at the end of the lesson, students had to find the area AND perimeter of their objects. It was a very busy day, but we are still learning lots and enjoying our time together!

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