Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 14 on our Countdown to Summer and a Science Experiment!

There are now only 14 days until summer break begins for students and staff! My students popped another balloon to reveal the day's activity. The note said Color Day. I explained that we could either choose to wear our favorite colors OR try to wear a class color. My students chose to wear a class color, and the verdict was to wear green! Because we needed to know this in advance so we could all wear the same color, we popped this balloon yesterday afternoon. Most of my kiddos remembered their green and were all smiles! To liven the day up a bit, we took a 5-minute dance party break! I switched the lights on and off while the music played while my kiddos danced their little hearts out! We'll have to see what tomorrow's balloon has in store for us ;)

 This afternoon we conducted a science experiment involving an egg, marbles, water, and two cups. Each cup was filled with two and a half inches of water. The picture above helps to show what we did. We discussed the mass of both objects and how the level of the water increases once an egg was placed in one of the cups. Then we predicted how many marbles it would take to equal the mass of an egg. I had groups of 3 each conduct the experiment, and we kept tally marks on the board to count the marbles as we gently placed them in the cup. Some groups had to stop before others because their water levels were equal. This then prodded more conversation about how the mass of eggs/marbles can vary slightly. Most groups averaged 31 marbles! That was much higher than my students had predicted!

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