Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fraction Kites

This week, we have been learning about FRACTIONS! My students are really getting into it, and all of our third graders have had many activities that help reinforce our new knowledge! We made Fraction Kites first, which incorporated fractions, multiplication, and measurement. My students received a white square-shaped piece of paper. They were given rulers and had to measure one inch increments before drawing a straight line vertically. After completing as many columns as they could, they turned their papers and created another set of rows. This transformed our regular white papers into boxes! My students were able to state their multiplication fact as well (7 rows x 7 columns= 49..."I should have 49 boxes total..."). Then they selected some crayons and colored in the boxes to their liking. Next, they drew a cloud and stated the fractions, making sure that the denominator was the same for each! (e.g. Red 14/49; Green 11/49, etc...)

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