Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We're Having an Egg-cellent Week!

Yesterday, my students began an eggsperiment (I just couldn't resist!) using three boiled eggs. One egg was placed in vinegar, one in water, and one in a cup full of Coca-Cola. An eggshell has similiar characteristics to our teeth, and on Friday we are going to see the results that prolonged exposure to each of these substances can have on our eggs. My students have noticed that so far, the vinegar has caused the egg to expand, water has had no overall effect, and the Coca-Cola is beginning to change the color of the shell. More results to come!

To continue our exploration of eggs, we brainstormed a list of animals that hatch from eggs. It was quite extensive (geckos, chickens, platypus, snakes, tadpoles, crocodiles, butterflies, etc..). Then each student was given a regular piece of white copy paper. We folded it in half ("hamburger style") and then folded one side of the paper down. After that, each third grader drew an oval to represent an egg, followed by lines to show  the cracking of an egg. When you open the paper up completely, it will look like the egg has cracked!

Students may draw an animal "inside" the egg so that others may see what has "hatched!" Mine was a snake.

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