Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun-Filled Friday!

Today marked the end of our study on various artists. We did two projects today, which left me a little worn out at the end of the day...but our creations turned out fantastic! My third graders recreated Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night. For this project we used oil pastels, tissues, as well as white and black construction paper. First, my students took yellow oil pastels and drew the stars. Then they picked up blue and green oil pastels and made several cirlces around the stars. After that, we created a "swirling" effect (showing the wind/movement) using more blue "waves." Taking a tissue, my third graders rubbed the sky to blend in the colors. As the last step to our project, we created the skyline. We discussed the importance of using a "pinch for an inch" when moving from one building to the next. After they cut them out, my students glued the skylines to their sky and there you have it! The finished products look quite nice in our classroom! :)

The last artist that we studied was Jackson Pollock. Although several of my students have done "marble art," they still loved this project! We discussed Pollock's abstract work, and then set out to create our own! Half of my class worked on the actual marble art, while the other half of my class created a similar project using the mouse on their laptop. Then of course, they switched! It must have been a long day because I accidentally placed an "a" where an "o" should be for his last name :) This is probably because another teacher and I keep wanting to call him (Po-lack) not (Paw-luck). Oh well-too late to fix it now, I'll correct it on Monday morning! None of my kiddos have seen it, so all is well!


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  2. Great artwork. Your students did a nice job.