Tuesday, March 20, 2012

They're Not Creepy or Crawly...They're Cursive Critters!

I was filing something away in my art cabinet today when I noticed a "Cursive Critter" popping out among the other projects we've done this year. Our 3rd graders did a unit on Insects in the fall, and each student also created a special Cursive Critter that went along with it. With spring upon us, this might be a fun project to have your kiddos do!

     First, take a plain piece of white copy paper and fold it in half long ways. The student can write his or her first name in cursive with a pencil as large as he/she wants and as close as possible to the fold. If there are any bottom extending letters in the student's name, have him wait and add it in after the rubbing stage. Next, have each child trace over their name several times. Now comes the rubbing part: using their fist, rub over the name repeatedly. We found that even a glue stick helps to rub and made our hands less tired!  Check to make sure that the name is reflected onto the opposite side. Finally, decorate as you wish! Glue on black legs and place on a green leaf to complete this very cute Cursive Critter!

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