Friday, March 30, 2012

ART, pART 2!

Yesterday, we studied another artist. Georges Seurat was a French painter who led the artistic direction of Neo-impressionism (his work is shown below). To create this art project, we gathered the following materials: long colored paper to hold pictures, sandpaper, crayons,  two small white pieces of paper, an iron, and wax paper. We brainstormed a list of appropriate objects that could be drawn and discussed the importance of creating one object that fills up the page. They colored the sandpaper (very hard) and then I placed the white paper down on my counter, then sandpaper, followed by wax paper and an extra piece of construction paper (just to make sure the crayon didn't melt through). Then I ironed across the top of the layers for a few secons. I stapled the transferred picture (with dots) towards the top of the long black paper, and then placed the sandpaper picture below it. As a challenge, I had several students complete a regular crayon picture of their "original" drawing so we could see how much the color vibrancy changed from one to the next.

Stay tuned for more art projects to come!

More student examples:


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