Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let the Egg Rolling Begin!

We've combined eggs, math, and science! Today, my class was split into 3 groups. A color strip was placed on the carpet, while students were given specific items. Students were not told which egg was boiled and which egg was raw. We rolled three different objects: a ball, a boiled egg, and a raw egg. Whatever color section the object rolled onto, we placed a tally mark on the board next the appropriate color. It was very important to discuss how to keep both hands on the object before releasing it. This helps to control the items and not let the egg-rolling get out of control :)Afterwards, we graphed the results. The graph shown is one rolled with the boiled egg.
We compared and contrasted the results and then made predictions as to which egg was the boiled one and which one was raw. That was an interesting discussion! As an added bonus: spin the eggs, one at a time, on the side on a smooth hard surface, stop them fast and let them go
immediately. The boiled egg will spin easily to begin with but will not spin any more after stopped suddenly and released. However, the raw egg will spin again after quick stopping and releasing it because the liquid inside the raw egg is still in motion due to inertia. Please wash your hands when handing raw eggs. This technique can be used to find out if the egg is raw or boiled.

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