Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tag...You're It!

I was tagged by Heather over at Beg, Borrow, and Teach! I love games!

Here Are The rules:
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1. What tricks/techniques do you have to keep the things you bring home from school to a minimum?
Well, I don't quite know if I have this one figured out yet...I usually work on a school weekend project at home once a month. My husband is really good about being willing to help out, so that makes my life much easier! As for the weeknights...I just try to get to school early & stay after working in my classroom for a while. Once I'm home, I try to relax:)

2. How do you "fake" happiness on the worst of days?
I really don't have to "fake" happiness...or at least haven't had to yet! I love what I do, and I enjoy going to work each day. My kiddos always make me smile, so if I can do my part and be positive...the rest just falls into place:)

3. Quick! You wake up with 10 minutes left to get out the door. What is your go-to piece of clothing that makes you look put-together?
YIKES! First of all....I would feel sooo out of sync...That would probably be the way to put me in a not-so-good mood! I like waking up early and taking my time so that I am not rushed, BUT if I truly had 10 minutes, I would grab one of my scarves or fabric headbands (light and colorful for spring or a little warmer for winter). They seem to help complete an outfit in the blink of an eye!

4. Flats or heels?
It depends on the weather, but I do love heels :) Flats are of course, much more practical, but there is just something about wearing heels that makes you feel good!

5. How do you make peace with a difficult parent?
Seeing as this is my first year of teaching in the classroom, I must say that I have been very blessed with having lots of wonderful parents. If I did have a difficult parent, I would make sure that I scheduled a time to meet after school to discuss concerns. Hopefully after we have both respectfully addressed areas of concern, then peace will have been achieved!

6. What's your most expensive guilty pleasure?
Oh goodness...I'd probably have to say purses. I try to steer clear of the big, bulky ones because inevitably I will fill it up with non-essentials!
7. Pretend you have an entire weekend to yourself. How do you spend it?

  Because my husband and I usually have something going on each weekend, an entire weekend alone would be AMAZING! Here's my Saturday: First of all, I would want to sleep in, then continue to be lazy as I snuggle up reading a book. After that, I would go get a massage, followed by a spa pedicure, and finally a piece of Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory! The remaining part of my evening would be spent watching chick flicks! On Sunday, I'd take it outdoors: go to the lake (kayaking, tubing, swimming). I would want to spend parts of my ideal weekend with my best friend, so some of these items would be spent with my hubby!

8. Favorite t.v. show?
Do I have to pick just one? That's too difficult! 30 Rock, The Office, Rules of Engagement, Desperate Housewives, and  The Big Bang Theory.
9. What was the last book or movie that made you laugh and cry at the same time?
Well, yesterday I happened to run across Bride Wars, which surprisingly made me do both (even though I had seen it once before). Love that movie! Usually chick flicks do that for me...or Nicholas Sparks' books!
10. What is one skill you possess that would surprise most people if they knew?

I would be comfortable planning someone else's party/function: wedding event, baby shower, family get-together. I have done this a few times before, and I really enjoy it! My family members are probably the only ones who knew that.

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Here are my questions for you!

1.) What is your quick fix to homework assignments not being turned in on time? I feel like I am always making extra copies!

2.) How do you escape the ever-present problem of not having enough pencils sharpened?

3.) Why did you decide to enter the field of education?

4.) What is the most hilarious thing that you have overheard a student say?

5.) How do you keep your students "in line" and engaged when Spring Fever is running wild?!

6.) What does a typical lunch look like for you during the work week?

7.) Name a hobby that you have!

8.) If you were to pick another career besides teaching, what would it be?

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10.) What is a piece of advice you would offer a first-year teacher?

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